Covid Shield consultancy

Consulting & documentation for all necessary steps to acquire the Covid-19 Shield certification. The “Covid Shield” logo & certificate actively contribute to increasing the customer confidence of each business. ETEN offers the advisory services, guidance and all necessary documentation of certification for “Covid-19 Shield” from TÜV AUSTRIA

Consultancy ISO 9001/’15 & 20000/’18

This certification is necessary for compliance as a supplier, in given requirements throughout the production cycle, from design up to after-sales service.

Quality assurance

Consulting services, and guidance for the implementation of all planned or systematic actions and procedures, necessary to ensure that a product or service meets specific standards through proper and organized management.

Quality control

For quality assurance dealing with specifications, sampling, and testing of materials and products and the release procedures which ensures that the necessary tests and checks have been carried out to put the materials into use and the products for distribution, only if their quality has been deemed satisfactory.

Health & safety management

Consulting services for the application of the Rules of Health and Safety of Workers in the workplace for the protection of the human life and of the natural environment. These rules define the context in which the exterior and interior spaces of the workplace buildings are used, and the ways in which the various tasks are carried out.

Wastewater management

In cooperation with a European partner, one of the most experienced companies in this field, we can offer a comprehensive approach to wastewater management for Industrial & domestic sectors, including treatment, recycling & recovery.

We provide complete solutions as well as extensions & improvements of existing wastewater treatment plants.

Consultancy & business plan

Consultancy, study & development of business plan for turn-key projects of water bottling factories.

Water treatment study & design

A complete study and problem-solving solutions for any kind of water issues and objectives.

Innovative product development

Our extensive experience acquired from clients worldwide and our specialized laboratory allow the development of new innovative products based on new trends in the international market.

The list of these products includes alkaline water, sodium-free water, electrolyte water, antioxidants and various other natural additives beneficial to the body.

Hydrogeological consulting

We can help you find & develop a new source of water supply for your production needs. We assess the capacity and sustainability of an existing source and help you to manage risk and achieve sustainability goals. We utilize hydrology and hydrogeology expertise to assist you in establishing a cost-effective and high-quality water supply.

In collaboration with our well-established partners, we can develop sources for natural mineral water and spring water. We have the know-how to overcome challenges in order to find and to properly manage the development of water supplies for applications where water quality is a must.


Connectivity of the production process in order to save energy, raw materials, and time through our specialized digital platform that offers automatic real-time guidance & digital display of all the critical parameters of the factory.


Specialization in water quality issues and quality assurance of the final product.
Design of specialized water-based products for the preparation of non-alcoholic beverages that are based on all the new market trends and technology. Alkaline water, sodium free water, water with various flavors.

Resolution of quality problems in water, soft drinks and food.

Factory design

Services for different sectors:
We offer complete design and installation of water treatment systems in all kind of bottling plants.
We provide design and development of quality assurance, safety, environmental management systems and specialized water analysis at all stages of the production process.

Design, installation and training of integrated food quality control laboratories.

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